Are you looking for a battlefield tour in the Ypres Salient or one of the Great War battlefields along the Western Front? Look no further, you have found the perfect partner!

Check out our range of battlefield tours in Belgium and France. Or contact us for a specific itinerary measured to your needs. We can provide excellent guides to the battlefields of Belgium, France, Holland and Britain, being it either First or Second World War. Contact us and we will provide you and your group with the perfect tour.

About us

Battlefield Exploration is a specialist battlefield tours prodvider. With an experience of more than 10 years of battlefield guiding and a passion for storystelling, Battlefield Exploration is all about experiencing the battlefields. Based in the Ypres Salient, we specialise in the battlefields of Flanders, but also accommodate tours in the Somme and Picardie, or elsewhere in Belgium, France, Holland and Britain. Using original trench maps, photographs, audio and whenever possible also video footage we focus on the stories of the men that fought the battle. Personal stories and anecdotes are always very important during our tours.

Your guide

Wouter Feys was born and raised in the German Rest & Recreation Area of the Great War. Wouter studied English, German and history and took several courses on guiding and battlefield exploration. Not only is he a licensed tour leader, Wouter is also accredited as specialist regional guide for the Westhoek (Nieuwpoort - Diksmuide - Ypres - Messines) and one of the few specialist guides for the Messines Ridge Experience (VVV Heuvelland). Also worth mentioning is that Wouter is one of the key figures in designing the renewed Menin Road Museum and one of the main lecturers in the Battlefield Tourism courses for guides and tour leaders. Wouter also provides lectures and presentations on various themes on the Great War for schools, organisations and companies.

Your transport

All tours are done with an Opel Vivaro minibus, offering all necessary comfort for our guests. Please check out the photo gallery for pictures of the Battlefield Exploration minibus.
Battlefield tour Messines Ridge
Battlefield tour Messines Ridge