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The Second Battle of Ypres (1915)

This tour brings the Second Battle of Ypres alive. It gives you the story of how the Germans introduced poison gas (chlorine) as deadly effective new weapon in April 1915 and shows you how the Canadians saved the Ypres Salient.


From Ypres we drive to Essex Farm Cemetery, where the Canadians set up their advanced dressing stations and medical posts when the battle started on 22nd April 1915. We visit the John McCrae Memorial and learn about the reason for writing his famous poem. Next, we move on to Steenstraete and Bikschoote for a view of the territory where the Germans released the gas. Via Carrefour des Roses, a French memorial site, and the Yorkshire Trench & Dugout, we reach Kitchener's Wood. Here the Canadians gallantly attacked the Germans during the night to retake the Woods that had been lost during the day. Our next stop is the Canadian memorial 'The Brooding Soldier' at St Juliaan. Along the 's Graventafel ridge we move on towards the Frezenberg Ridge and Bellewaerde Ridge. Here we find the memorial to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and the small memorial to the Monmouthshires. Of the last battalion only a quarter of the men involved lived through the battle. Panel 50 on the Menin Gate Memorial is the sad reality of what happened on 8th May 1915. The tour ends at Hill 60, where the Germans originally planned their gas attack, but had to postpone it due to the weather. Hill 60 would be taken in May...

The 4 hour tour also includes the sites of the Battle of Hooge, which saw the first use of the German flamethrowers.


> 3 hour tour: € 35 p.p.

> 4 hour tour: € 45 p.p.

No entrance fees included in this tour. It is possible to add a visit to the Hill 60 Sanctuary Wood museum and trenches at an extra charge of € 15 p.p. Please allow at least 45 minutes for the museum visit.


Ideally the tour starts from Ypres at either 9 am or 1.30 pm. Other departure places are also possible but might shorten the tour, depending on the time needed to get to the battlefield sites.

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